14 day diet

Many have a problem with weight loss and find it difficult to lose weight and it really bothers them. There is a 14-day diet that you can lose up to nine pounds in just two weeks. The success of a diet depends on metabolism, physical activity and adherence to the rules of the diet.

And if you weigh less than 9 kg, that's a great result. If you are not a frequent dieter, be happy with the result of 4 pounds. The diet has proven to be very effective and most importantly changes the metabolism so that the pounds do not return if you go back to your old diet.

If you have a health problem before using it, talk to your doctor. Have him evaluate whether you are adequate for this diet or not. If you decide to try, try to stick to the menu:


  • breakfast: sugar-free coffee and a small pastry
  • lunch: 2 boiled eggs, spinach, previously cooked without salt
  • dinner: steak baked on two tablespoons salt, lettuce.


  • breakfast: same as monday
  • lunch: grilled steak (can also be larger), lettuce, fruit
  • dinner: ham- cooked


  • breakfast: same
  • lunch: two boiled eggs, one tomato, lettuce
  • dinner: lettuce and ham


  • breakfast: same
  • lunch: 110 grams of fresh cheese, boiled egg, boiled beets / carrots
  • dinner: yogurt, fruit optional except banana


  • breakfast: freshly grated carrots topped with lemon juice, black coffee without sugar
  • lunch: cooked fish, tomato salad
  • dinner: large grilled steak, lettuce


  • Breakfast: same as Monday and Tuesday
  • lunch: grilled chicken
  • dinner: two boiled eggs, fresh carrots


  • Breakfast: Sugar free lemon tea
  • lunch: grilled steak on 2 tablespoons of oil, salad of your choice
  • dinner: fruit- seasonal

Best diet tips

If you want to know how to lose weight without problems it is necessary to follow the rules of diet with which you can lose up to 9 pounds in 14 days.

Use this menu for exactly two weeks. Consume plenty of fluid, up to two liters a day. Water or unsweetened lemonade is recommended. Alcohol and soft drinks are not advised.

There are no restrictions on the consumption of fruits and vegetables, as well as salads, which can be seasoned with vinegar, lemon or a little salt. Avoid sugar as a sweetener.

You can repeat your diet when you are 14 days old. Don't expect too much, but be persistent and see the results. The pounds will only go down, and with great perseverance and a desire to achieve great results.

Everyone who has indigestion or any health problem should not practice this type of weight loss.

Because it is a diet that allows for rapid weight loss, no one can be guaranteed that the process will succeed and that digestive problems such as diarrhea and a soft stool will not occur.

Regardless of your medical condition, it is advisable to consult a doctor, as it is known that rapid weight loss methods have never encountered positive reactions from a doctor.

Rapid weight loss

There is another way to lose weight in just one week. It is a SOS diet that, although it will not harm health, should not be practiced for a long time.

There are rules to help your diet be as successful as possible, so you should only drink water from the liquid and avoid teas, alcohol and juices.

For a short time, you should forget about the food and the fried foods as well as the carbohydrates. Instead of bread, you should eat integral pastry.

To be able to lose weight fast, your diet should consist primarily of fish, chicken, turkey, fruits and vegetables. The menu should contain as much protein as possible, so you can eat small portions of beans and legumes as well as turkey and chicken meats.

Once to a maximum of twice a week, you should eat egg whites and fiber-rich foods such as bran and cereals.

The menu should look like this:

  • For breakfast you can eat cereals with milk or yogurt.
  • Before lunch, eat salad with vegetables and vinegar or just some fruit.
  • For lunch, you can eat salad, chicken or fish and cooked vegetables.
  • For dinner, you can eat a similar meal as for lunch, and at the end, enjoy the fruit.

In the end, one should not forget to move because activity is necessary when we want to be satisfied with our appearance and health.

Author: M.S., Photo: Pressmaster / Shutterstock

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