5 Tips For Faster Nail Growth

You are one of those who takes care of your appearance and make sure everything is in place. As important as it is to have a beautiful hairstyle, makeup and clothing, your nails are also important. It doesn't matter if you go out and hide your hands when you go out or show them proudly.

Show how beautiful your nails can be with some helpful tips. In addition to helping your nails look flawless, it will also allow you to grow your nails faster. That's right, there is a way to accelerate their growth, and it comes in the form of 5 helpful tips.

Make sure you have beautiful hands that will always be proud to show and that you will not be ashamed of. Because if you went from head to toe, keeping your hands awkward will ruin the overall look.

Do not bite your nails

The first thing you should do is not bite your nails. It is an ugly habit that you left behind in your childhood and has nothing to look for in the present. Avoid biting your nails, and if you ever get tempted, then reach for some snacks or gum.


Your nails will grow faster if you enrich your protein diet. Protein-rich foods are meat, eggs and legumes. Studies have shown that proteins are of great importance for healthy and firm nails.


It would be good if they could avoid putting acetone, which also has an ingredient that dries the nails. Find another way to make your nails shine and grow faster than you thought.

Cut your nails regularly

Nails should be cut regularly. Hygiene is the first thing to do here and the nail on the top is avoided.

House work

While doing household chores, remember to put on gloves, but it will still protect you from contact with various chemicals that can thin your nails.

Listen to these tips and make sure your nails are nice and tidy so they can always show off with pride.

Try to make a natural blend for faster nail growth with our video tutorials!

Author: S.Š., Photo: Deklofenak / Shutterstock

Toenail tips: Advice for healthy, great-looking toes (November 2020)