A natural cure for headache

Do you know how sensitive your head and organs are? You probably know. Stress, environmental impact, poor nutrition and impaired immunity cause sore throat, headache, burning and narrowing of the eyes and so on. These problems can be harmless, but they still hinder us in our daily lives.

We do not always have to treat these problems with conventional medicines. Inflamed gums, clogged nose, we can treat the toothache with herbs we get from nature. From generation to generation, recipes for storing tea, inhalation, wraps and baths of herbs are passed down to us.

Our grandmothers had to work hard to come up with medicinal ingredients for their preparations. It's easier for us today, we can find everything in the pharmacy. If we apply medicinal recipes, we do not have to be afraid of additional problems, since the preparation itself is very simple.

The most common pain we have is headache. It does not have to be caused by a specific cause or have a serious cause and effect. It is most often caused by fatigue and stress or changes in weather, and it usually takes several hours.

Migraine is a slightly more severe headache that can be accompanied by throbbing in the head, nausea and even vomiting. Those who suffer from migraines feel intense pressure in the head which can be caused by high tension. It often happens that this type of headache is the result of poor posture or tiredness of the eyes - most often if you stare at the computer for a long time. But such a headache can also be caused by psychological instability, which we call fear.

If you do not want to take pain pills when you have a headache, you can also suppress it with natural methods such as cold packs and a bath, and walking in the fresh air will certainly alleviate your problems.

Essential oils are also an effective headache remedy. Rub a few drops of peppermint or lemon balm oil on your temples, nape or forehead and you will feel safe relief.

When your head gets sore, put your forearms in a partial bath. Soak your hands in cold water and hold for a few minutes. After that, dry your hands and you should feel relief.

Author: S. G., Photo: Doglikehorse / Shutterstock

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