Amber - a good friend of women

Our dear, do you know what amber is? It is a fossilized resin of coniferous wood that has long been used as a charm and jewelry. Even in prehistoric times, it was believed in the magical powers of this yellow-brown mineral.

Amber is considered a natural analgesic, which is why today there are necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry that is believed to help fight disease. In antiquity, it was believed that wearing amber jewelry would protect you from illness and easily relieve a toothache or headache. Due to such medicinal properties, amber has been recognized today by numerous alternative medicine physicians.

Amber can now be found on the shores of the Baltic and North Seas, and the world's largest producer is certainly Russia. Namely, the Kaliningrad region holds in its hands 90% of the available amber worldwide. As it is a multi-million-year-old resin, it often happens that we find trapped leaves, flowers, small animals and bugs in amber. These are fossils that have been preserved in amber, as well as their DNA, which allows scientists to do numerous research on extinct species.

"Gold of the North," as it is often called, is a good friend of women. Specifically, especially on these autumn days, the golden colors of amber combined with silver perfectly match the colors of autumn. You can choose from brooches, rings, necklaces or bracelets, and you might prefer earrings. Amber jewelry never goes out of style and is often passed on from generation to generation.

If you decide to complete your jewelry collection with some new amber pieces, be careful about the price. Namely, it is the price that most often shows us whether it is real amber or just a cheap copy made of plastic or glass. If you are not sure if this is an impressive amber, there is a trick to help you discover the material. Insert the hot needle into the amber and smell it.

There are three variants: if there is no smell, it is glass, does it smell like plastic, we all know what it is, and if it smells of resin, you have real amber in your hands. This is especially important when it comes to eg a cigar or pipe because amber is thought to protect against infection.

Be that as it may, we encourage you to study your grandparents' jewelry chests, and if you don't find one in this gold color or what you find doesn't fit your taste, find something you like and get a new piece of jewelry made for these gloomy autumn days.

Author: Anja Jakopcevic, Photo: Jurema Oliveira / Wikimedia

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