Automation redesigned into a modern and desirable web portal

In early May, the portal got a new look, the fourth since it's been online (since 2003). In addition to the latest facelift, the significantly richer content will appeal to many visitors - car and motorsport fans alike.

Listening to the wishes and suggestions of visitors, a new Automania has been developed, a completely new portal in line with modern internet technologies and requirements. The layout is simpler, more transparent, richer in content and fully integrated with social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube,…).

The previous look from "dark background" with light text has been converted to the exact opposite "light background" with standard black letters, which is easier to read and keep track of. The content itself is arranged more clearly on the front page (by headings) so that visitors can directly, with a single mouse click, access approximately twice the number of news items and track their favorite topics.

The headings are in the main menu, and you can also access them through their “boxes”:

- News - New Car Models, Actions, Shows, Announcements, Curiosities…

- Supercars - from 300 horses to more, cars that most only dream of

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