Balloon combinations

It seems that with a little black dress, every woman must have at least one classic and simply always stylish balloon. Why? A balloon is one of the few garments that has been present as always "in" for decades. Years go by, styles change, but the classic balloon looked good thirty years ago, and we love it today.

One of the reasons why it is so popular is that it fits into a variety of fashion styles and suffers all kinds of combinations. Although every year dictates some changes such as modern colors, patterns, lengths or patterns, a balloon is always a good choice.

The emergence of the balloon dates back to 1879 and Thomas Burberry, who made a fabric that did not leak water and called it gabarden. In 1901, she made the first balloon. Due to the tightness, a large number of balloons for the British Army were soon sewn. When the soldiers returned from the war, they continued to wear balloons, so they soon became civilian clothes.

Classic balloons have a double row of ten buttons and come in beige or black. The sleeves are raglan-shaped, with distinctive D-shaped straps around the wrists and shoulders, reaching down to the knees.

When it comes to balloons, the Burberry sand-colored model is probably the first thought. If you like balloons, be sure to choose at least one classic that will last for years.

They are perfect because we can wear them with jeans and ballerinas for coffee, and they look just as good on dresses and high heels when we head out on a Saturday outing.

Balloons are not only women's clothing but are also easily worn by men. In fact, it is the first men's clothing that is also fitted in the women's wardrobe. Balloons are ideal for transitional periods between the seasons and are most often seen in the spring and fall. Although rain protection is no longer their primary role, they are still a favorite and gladly worn. Ask anyone what impression they make, the answer is always that the balloons are sexy.

Whether your wardrobe hides several trendy balloons in different colors and patterns, or just one classic model in beige, make sure you can never go wrong with it. A ballooner is always a sure move that will turn you into a fashion conscious woman in no time. For a touch of drama, big sunglasses are also required when it comes to a sunny day. After all, when you try out all the combinations, it's time to try the last one too, throw on the balloon and show up at the door of your sweetheart. This is further proof that the balloon passes at all combinations and on all occasions.

Author: Anja Jakopcevic, Photo: Maridav / Shutterstock

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