Beer for beauty

Beer is a drink that is mostly consumed by men, mostly at matches and in cafes as they discuss sports, work and women. At first glance, beer is not a feminine drink at all, but it has great advantages for women, for their softer side, which are appearance and beauty.

Beer is great for body, hair and skin. Once you start consuming and using it for beauty, a glass of beer will become your favorite drink.

Brewer's yeast acts on skin regeneration because it contains adenosine triphosphate. It can be found in most organic skin care creams. So it's good for older and mature skin because it regenerates and prevents aging. Although wine has been said to be the best drink for health and beauty so far, beer is not bad either, as it contains silica gel that kills free radicals and prevents damage to the skin and body.

Beer yeast is notorious for weight gain and the famous beer belly, but beer only works if we drink it too much and actually works more to our advantage than against us. It cleanses our skin and prevents acne, maintains normal skin pH and slows the secretion of sebaceous glands. This controls the appearance of bacteria and eventually kills them.

Vitamin B is an ingredient in beer and is responsible for radiant and soft skin. Beer, apart from B vitamins, also contains pantothenic acid, which eliminates dandruff from the hair and makes it firm and shiny.

Beer has always been used instead of conditioner and hairspray. After washing your hair, pour some beer on the tips, leave for a minute and rinse. In addition to being a conditioner, you can also use beer as a hair mask and face.

Yeast hair masks are known to be regenerating and are said to stimulate faster growth, but what is safe and proven is that they give beautiful hair shine and wonderful softness. If you want volume, apply beer to dry hair and leave. A little scent will be felt at first, but it will soon evaporate and your hair will look lush, thick and shiny.

You can use beer in baths as well as on soft feet. Add a liter of beer to the bath and plunge into the bubbles. After the bath, you will see a difference in the softness and glow of your skin.

Author: J.S., Photo: AXL / Shutterstock

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