Beeswax Cream

Beeswax is secreted by honeybees during honeycomb construction and is considered one of the most healing substances in the world. This natural wax is obtained by secreting from the gland of honey bees. It actually exudes waxy tiles of a completely white color, but the wax in contact with the air and from the amount of propolis and pollen, gets a darker, ie yellow color.

Beeswax is used by honeybees to make honeycomb or honeycomb and when the lid of ripe honey is closed. Honeycomb production for humans is still incomprehensible to this day and is one of the reasons why man appreciates the bee and its work so much. Namely, a bee builds honeycombs in the dark, there are no drawings or planned projects through which it would make them. Nonetheless, the bee makes precision hexagons with precision.

Beeswax has a pleasant aroma, and its peculiarity is particularly pronounced when heated. It cannot be dissolved in water, and it is soluble in essential and oily oils, which is a growing benefit of today's cosmetics. For this reason, beeswax is a common ingredient in natural creams. Specifically, beeswax consists of more than 300 compounds, making it an ideal natural base for creams.

The beeswax cream nourishes the face from the inside, while protecting it from the outside, while giving the skin a healthy and fresh appearance. It consists of natural ingredients and can be used by anyone. Due to the natural ingredients, the possibility of allergic reactions is minimized. Already after the first use, the skin will be supple, smooth, nourished and nourished.

The base of each cream is the highest quality, most nutritious and completely natural beeswax consisting of a large number of medicinal substances. The vegetable oils in the creams are from organic farming, and other high value bee products such as honey, propolis, pollen and royal jelly have been added to the creams.

Today, the trend of using natural cosmetics is increasing and more and more young people are aware that natural cosmetics is extremely important because everything we apply to the skin enters our body.

The importance of natural cosmetics was recognized by Radovan Petrović's manufactory, which has been involved in the production of honey and bee products for many years. They wanted to utilize the healing properties of beeswax in the best possible way in cosmetics, so they released Sache - natural cosmetics based on beeswax. Sachet creams do not contain any chemical additives such as preservatives, parabens, emulsifiers, artificial colors or synthetic fragrances.

The quality of Sache cosmetics products has been assured by numerous visitors at the recently held Beauty & Fitness Days at the Zagreb Fair. The next fair to attend will be the Cosmoprof International Cosmetics Fair in Bologna, which will be held from March 18 to 21, 2016. years.

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