Bicycle brakes

The bike is great for all those who want to be on the move and who like to move around a lot and who simply wear out after a while. And while some parts can be repaired, for some there is no going back. What to do when it comes to bicycle brakes?

The brakes are the part of the bike that is most exposed to stress, and where with the help of friction, wheels are worn during daily use and need to be replaced regularly. To make sure you are able to ride comfortably and not have to think about whether everything is correct, it is important that the brakes and tires are in good condition.

Brakes can sometimes get stuck. What to do in that case? Lubricant must be applied to allow all parts to move without any difficulty. It is sufficient to drip the agent onto the connecting part of the brake levers and then lubricate the hole through which the brake cables enter. The procedure should be repeated at the point where the cable comes out of the bougie.

You can lubricate the center part of the brake caliper screw on the rear and front wheels and leave the lubricant to absorb. The brake must then be pressed repeatedly to allow the entire mechanism to relax.

Have you ever felt like your brakes were out of service? After prolonged use, the brakes may no longer respond as they did before, especially if you are driving on a wet road, leaving the tire with a tire on the edge of the wheel. This layer can be thicker and stick more to the puck, and during braking it will turn into a great glaze that will make the puck slip and not brake.

The problem with the brakes can be solved by using the wrench to remove the nut from the back of the pack and the brake pack. You can sand the surface of the rubber pad with sandpaper until you feel the rough surface under your hands.

You can clean the wheel edges with a degreaser and then rinse with water. Return the brakes later so they can check if the brakes are working. If that doesn't help, you have to adjust the cables and brakes. Maintain your bike regularly so you can ride as long as possible.

Author: S.Š., Photo: YanLev / Shutterstock

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