Black shirt, style icon

Oh, shirts! How much we love to have them in our closet. With various accessories and combining with other clothing pieces, we can use one shirt in countless combinations and look at the same time attractive and attractive, elegant, seductive and mysterious or cheerful, playful and moving.

It all depends on the accessories and our attitude. Do you know that the shirt was actually made by shortening a tunic that was a universal garment for men and women. It was wide at first and did not emphasize curves so there was no need to divide by gender. It was worn as undergarments or else the poor wore it as the only clothing they owned.

Suddenly the shirts begin to be made of finer materials and pop on with buttons. This innovation was brought about by the 17th century, and then the shirt begins to resemble those who live in our closet today. The first shirts were handmade from fine materials and very expensive. Only rich ladies from high society could afford fine shirts. They never dressed themselves but were dressed by maids. That is why, even today, the buttons of women's shirts are on the opposite side to those of men's shirts.

If you don't own a lot of shirts but have thought about buying some universal clothing that is easy to combine and looks great, listen to the suggestion. Give us a hand and come with us to the other side of the mirror for a moment. Why not choose the opposite instead of the classic white shirt that mostly comes to mind when it comes to style. The black shirt is just as elegant and even more mysterious and interesting than the white one.

A black shirt will give you seriousness. Do you sometimes worry that you are not being taken seriously just put on your black shirt and watch what happens. It minimizes all other stimuli and makes people focus on your face. Therefore, remember that with perfect black hair goes perfectly clean hair, impeccable makeup and a bold look.

You can combine it as you see fit, but our summer chic favorite is white linen pants, beige full-heel shoes and a transparent black shirt. Pick up your hair, put on your sunglasses and go for what you want. Enjoy a stylish summer full of style.

Author: L.K. Photo by Maxim Ahner / Shutterstock

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