Books for children

Books are very important for the proper development of a child, so we have prepared for you what books are for which child's age, from their earliest age. Below, we bring you the appropriate books that accompany your child's development that each parent should offer their child.

From 5 to 9 months of age, the child needs books with short rhymes or lullabies, which will contain a variety of senses, and which are custom material that the child can put in his mouth. At this age, the child grasps objects and explores the world through touch and taste in the mouth. At this age, he should begin to introduce a reading routine, so it is best to read the same story to him every night before bed.

At 12 months, it is very important for the child to have contact with the adult, so it is advisable that you read every day a book that should contain texts about everyday situations that the child begins to understand and which animals should recognize. A book at this age should be easy to look at and sturdy.

At 15 months, books should be solid and full of simple sentences that will be easy for the child to remember and will slowly begin to be spoken. It is important that you read expressively to your child at this age, as he or she will accompany the text with your face grimaces.

At 18 months, it is important for the child that the book be made up of topics about animals, children and things from everyday life. By reading a book with this content, the child will become more familiar with the world around him.

In the second year, the child likes to listen to stories in which the characters that remind them of them, and who will teach them the life around them, play a major role. Equally at this age, laughter is important to children, so the stories that make them laugh will be their favorite. We bring you a list of the 100 most popular children's fairy tales and stories.

From the age of 2.5 onwards, children will be most comfortable with stories with characters to identify with, and characters full of imagination and adventure. Texts for this age should be simple so that the child can pronounce them and encourage them to read independently. You will know that a book is great for a child's age, if the child is just going to finish your sentence.

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