Brake on baby stroller

Seat strollers as well as infant strollers are designed so that their passengers can feel comfortable in them and that parents are convinced that their children are safe. But just like in a wheelchair, so should baby carriages pay attention to the brake, the folding mechanism and the wheels.

You bought a stroller and after a while noticed that the brake was not working? There are several reasons why the stroller brake does not work, and so there may be stones that could be stuck in the brake mechanism. In order to release the mechanism, it would be a good idea to find an old screwdriver to help you solve the problem.

If you have a carriage on which the brake is actuated with the help of a foot, it is advisable to check the brake assembly. Pebbles or mud can get stuck between the teeth. All the trash you find can be cleaned with a screwdriver.

Trolley brakes should be maintained as well as bicycle and other means of transport. Trolleys whose brakes have bicycle-like levers require the cable to be loosened or tightened by means of a nut located at the point where the brake lever and cable are joined. If the cable is distorted, unfortunately you won't be able to do much because such damage requires a new cable.

There are trolleys on which the cable can be adjusted by means of a screw located next to the brake on the cable. The screw must be turned so that the brake can be checked.

Braking involves not only the brake, but also the entire brake mechanism, which can grip the wheel as it moves and cause it to squeak or creak.

If you want to solve the problem as soon as possible, it is necessary to check that the brake handle is relaxed and in what condition the cable is, if the trolley has it. It must be tightened according to the enclosed instructions until you hear a creak. Finally, you can check the brake nuts and bolts for tightness and, if necessary, for tightening.

Baby strollers are exposed like high-pressure travel bags and it is no wonder that at one point they no longer function as when you bought them. It is good that with some helpful tips you can restore them as they were new.

Author: S.Š., Photo: Vladislav Gajic / Shutterstock

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