Burpee - whole body workout

Burpee is an exercise that is consists of several movements that are performed consecutively without pausing, and can be combined with various other exercises. Unlike isolation exercises, burpee is a whole body exercise, which means it will activate all the muscles in the body. With this exercise we heat calories, we strengthen muscles and we speed up metabolism.

The Burpee exercise is named after American psychologist Royal Huddleston Burpee, who used it in 1940 as a fast and effective way to determine your physical fitness. A year later, the burpee was popularized by the US military, which used this exercise to determine the fitness level of soldiers, so an exercise also known as Marines.

Burpee is an exercise that combines coordination, agility and endurance, and is effective for fat burning.

How to properly perform a burpee

It is very easy to perform, in the sense that it does not consist of any complicated movements - includes basic movements: squat, push up and the jump. It can be performed anywhere and does not require any special props.

When performing this exercise the quality of the movement, not the speed, is important. Trainees often want to do as many reps as possible in as little time as possible, so this exercise is often done wrong and the chances of injury are increased.

Burpee is performed by lowering from the upright position to the lower end of the squat position and placing the palms on the floor. Then, by bouncing back, we move to the upper position for the push (palms remain in the same place). From the pushback position we are reflected by a jump into the air and this ends one burpee.

When performing a burpee exercise the muscles of the torso, arms, shoulders and legs are activated. It can be used for multiple purposes - to increase endurance and reduce subcutaneous fat. Due to the large number of muscle groups that activate during the performance of this exercise, heart rate increases through just a few repetitions.

Burpee exercise can be used by recreational athletes who want it reduce subcutaneous adipose tissue, but also athletes who want to develop endurance.

Regardless of the number of activated muscles and movements it involves, this one exercise is easy to learn and all you need to perform it is the will and some free space. It can be performed in a hotel room, apartment, terrace, meadow or any other place where there is enough space for standing upright and lying down.

In terms of convenience, many variants of this exercise emerged very quickly, and so on there is a swivel burpee, a single leg burpee, a lateral burpee, a single arm burpee, a high knee lift burpee and the like.

Exercise burns 50% more fat than is the case with standard training, and since it belongs to the group of high-intensity exercises - it speeds up metabolism.

An example of a burpee exercise

Below are some suggestions how by doing a burpee exercise alone you can do a good workout:

  • Specify the number of repetitions you want to perform to start, and then perform one repetition of each minute more
  • run the burpee for 20 seconds at a fast pace, then rest for 10 seconds. Repeat the operation eight times
  • try to do 100 reps in as little time as possible
  • try to perform as many reps as possible in 10 minutes

Burpee is an exercise that you either love or hate, but if you want to increase endurance, strength and explosiveness and lose subcutaneous fat, you should include it in your workout.

With this exercise, you can also test your body very well and easily - if you manage to do more than 40 reps in one minute, you may consider yourself in top form.

Advantages and disadvantages of burpee exercise

It is one of for sure the most effective and complete body exercises, which is evident from the parts that it consists of: squat, throw in the push, push the leg forward and explosive jump. This is why very few people like this exercise because if done at the right intensity, fatigue occurs very quickly, primarily in the legs.

Unlike running, for example, burpee is dynamic and not boring at all. You can also combine it with weights, joints and the like. Experts warn that the biggest problem with this exercise is the fact that most people have not mastered the proper execution of each of the three separate exercises that make up the burpee.

Because of that it is advisable to first master proper squats and pushups and increase cardio endurance by interval training.

However, not everyone is equally thrilled with this exercise. Certified Functional Training and Training Instructor and former US women's hockey coach Michael Boyle called the exercise bad. He explains that when performing burpee exercises, the wrists are pressured while at the same time a huge amount of weight is piled on the front of the shoulder.

He claims that none of the positions are good neither in the individual sense, but especially in the repetitive series, and that dead lifting, sumo squats, resistance band exercises, joints, weight training exercises, etc. are a better option than this exercise.

It is up to you to evaluate whether Boyle is right and to try the exercise and carefully examine if it is damaging your joints or other body parts.

Author: A.V., Photo: 5132824 / Pixabay

The Burpee - An exercise to strengthen your entire body (May 2022)