Cake with dried fruit

We all like to eat desserts, but we don't like to make them all because it associates with too much work, so everyone quits immediately. On the one hand, this is understandable, today's lack of time immediately discourages us from complicated recipes.

The art of candying is somehow forgotten, even though it is the pinnacle of delicacy. Besides the fruit being candied, it is also preserved. Besides candied fruit, candy petals are a real treat for the palate as well.

Anyone who loves sweet but is careful about eating, can occasionally afford some fruit cookies. Drying fruits can preserve vitamins and nutrients, and sugar does not need to be added because the fruit already contains it.

Fruit snacks are healthy and very tasty, and you don't even have to buy dried fruit, you can dry it yourself. If you want to make candied fruit, preparation is a little longer, but the process itself is simple. You need a thick bottom pot and if you have a sugar thermometer with a safety net to prevent the glass from cracking.

White fruit cake recipe

You need 300 grams of dried fruit, one tablespoon of orange liqueur, 40 grams of peeled almonds, 100 grams of white chocolate for topping, baked almond and pistachio sticks and grated chocolate and lastly, almond or walnut coating oil.

Put aluminum foil on top and coat with almond or walnut oil. It is best to take plums, dried apricots or dates. Whatever you like, take the kernels out and drip a few drops of liquor inside and fill with almonds.

On the steam, heat the chocolate dressing until completely dissolved. Take a handle or a large forceps and dip some of the fruit into the dressing and dry it a little. Put the grated chocolate, those almond and pistachio sticks on a plate, and then press the fruit in and out. Stack everything together nicely to allow it to dry. Let the snacks stand for a few hours in a cool place.

You can then pack it into decorative candy canes, store it in a bowl and close it or serve this to guests and they will be delighted!

Author: S. G., Photo: Hfng / Shutterstock

Fruit Cake (without alcohol) (October 2020)