Cavitation, a method weight loss from the USA

In a sea of ​​various diets and all possible methods and techniques for weight loss and cellulite destruction, cavitation has also emerged. It is the most popular, most effective, and used weight loss method born in the United States and then spread to the rest of the world. You can get rid of cellulite with this method if you don't want to go under the knife.

The cavitation method itself is based on strong ultrasound action and fat cells burst. They are then poured into the intercellular space and into the bloodstream. Cavitation can affect subcutaneous adipose tissue and solely adipose tissue, and it is very important that it allows for an individual approach to losing weight. According to the individual characteristics of the person, the intensity of ultrasound is dosed.

Cavitation treatment is completely painless and leaves no scars, and lasts on average 30-60 minutes, depending on the area treated and the thickness of the fat in each area. The results are visible after the first treatment, which is performed once every seven to ten days. Approximately four to eight treatments are required on average. After the treatment is completed, it is recommended that the intake of fluid into the body, proper nutrition and physical activity, such as exercise.

The basic functions of cavitation are: removal of cellulite, removal of fat deposits, stimulation of metabolism, tightening and firming of the skin and body shaping.

Cavitation treatments can be performed in various beauty salons, beauty and wellness centers, and are mostly conducted by masters of kinesiology, who, among other things, monitor progress through urine analysis. The end result will, in turn, depend on other factors involved in the post-qualification process. The treatment itself does not require anesthesia and most patients feel comfortable. If you just feel the heat in a particular area, ask for additional ultrasound gel application. Lymphatic drainage or heavy physical activity is recommended after each treatment.

The lost pounds do not return because the destroyed fat cells do not regenerate, so there is a danger of the jo-jo effect of returning the pounds. In order to maintain the result achieved, it is recommended to repeat the treatment once a month.

Author: Zanosna, Photo: studio1901 / Shutterstock

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