Cheese cakes

ingredients: 25 dag of flour, 25 dag of margarine, 25 dag of fresh cheese, 10 dag of apricot jam, 15 dag of powdered sugar, 1 vanillin sugar.

Grind the margarine well with the flour, add the sautéed cheese and knead the dough, which should stand 1/2 hour in a cool place. Then roll the dough into a larger square and cut it into 6 x 6 cm squares. Place marmalade in the center of each box and arrange the various shapes, folding the ends of the boxes. Put the oven in a greased pan at 200 degrees Fahrenheit (473 K) for about 20 minutes. Roll the baked cookies even hot into the sugar mixed with vanilla sugar.

The Best New York Cheesecake Recipe | Emojoie Cuisine (October 2020)