Chicken with rice

Add to the boiled chicken (when it becomes juicy and soft) a squeezed juice of 18 dkg of rice and so much soup that the chicken is covered, cook over a rapid heat and add more soups until the meat is soft enough and the rice is added as a garnish. In addition to rice, we can also serve steamed peas or mushrooms, fried tomatoes or butter with crab, or tomato sauce without sugar, which we put in a separate bowl and sprinkle with cheese.

With butter sauce. Tranch the fried chicken and cook with butter sauce. In this sauce mix the crab butter / crab and crab turnips, as well as the braised mushrooms and cauliflower, or make a sauce.

Hot cooked. Steamed chicken with bacon and vegetables as a roast!

How To Make One Dish Chicken And Rice (October 2020)