Cholesterol does not have to be a problem unless it is too much in the body

Cholesterol is a natural lipid, one of the basic ingredients of our body; It is an integral part of the cell membrane and ensures the normal functioning of every cell in the body. It can be rightly said that cholesterol is like glucose, which is essential for every cell, without which life is not possible.

But problems arise when excessive amounts of cholesterol begin to strain the cells; then they become a risk factor for blood and heart disease.

People with high cholesterol levels are most often advised first to change their lifestyle, especially their diet. If even then the cholesterol fails to lower, treatment should be continued with medication, but care should be taken as to what is eaten.

Proper nutrition includes cereals, oats, wheat, barley, rye and rice and their products - integral bread, coleslaw and pasta. White flour products and those to which eggs are added should be avoided. White chicken and turkey (skinless), lean beef, veal and pork are recommended from moonshine. Meat must not be roasted, fried or cooked in any other way that involves a lot of fat. Meat can be used as a substitute for soy and essential fish, which should also not be prepared with a lot of oil. Eggs should not be eaten more than four times a week, and yolk should be replaced with egg whites whenever possible.

Milk and dairy products are also on the list of preferred foods: milk up to 1% milk fat, yogurt, low-fat cheese, fresh lean cow's cheese. Fruits and vegetables can be eaten raw, frozen, dried and canned, but with no added fat and sugar. Various soups are also advised - clear chicken and beef, tomato soup and various vegetables. Only vegetable oils - olive, pumpkin, sunflower, rapeseed and margarines with trans fatty acids removed are allowed; butter should be forgotten.

Nuts are good almonds, nuts and hazelnuts. When it comes to sweets, you should know that they should only contain egg whites, skim milk, vegetable oils, dark chocolate and no sugar. Various frozen yogurts and low fat and sugar ice creams are allowed. Drink plenty of water, unsweetened fruit juices and teas.

As with many other diseases and disorders, physical activity plays an important role in the prevention and treatment of cholesterol. Therefore, instead of spending your free time in an armchair in front of the TV or at your computer, wear comfortable clothes and take a walk, bike or run after the ball.

Author: I.H., Photo: Olaf Speier / Shuterrstock

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