Choosing a wedding cake

Apart from photographers and cameramen who are considered to be one of the most important factors in organizing a wedding, there is something that will also be the highlight of the evening, not to mention that one part of the guests is always most looking forward to the wedding cake, which simply needs to be something special. Give yourself time to make your choice, as it will be a lifelong memory.

It used to be important to have some biscuits and cream in the cake, but today it is a completely different story, not to mention that it is possible to allocate 2,000 kn or more for cakes. It all depends on whether you want art, or a simple dessert to sweeten your start to life together.

There is a really great selection of cakes today, and the choice depends largely on what type of person you are and how much you actually want the cake to be a major part of the evening. So if you are more into the category of withdrawn and calm people, you will certainly be looking for something simple and delicious with your partner. But if you are the type of person who likes to stand out, then you will certainly reach for something special, extravagant, unusual.

Wedding cakes are otherwise the theme of the wedding, which means it has to fit into the overall love story told at your wedding. So it is important to choose a color that will fit with the main color of the wedding, while taking into account colors that both the bride and groom like.

If you don't have the idea, or aren't sure what you want, our advice is to talk to a few experts who can suggest what kind of cake you might have, but you can pay a little attention if you go to other weddings in the meantime as other newlyweds have decorated and so on. get an idea for your wedding cake.

It is thought that the whole decoration should not be a problem as well as the choice of the cake, because when you go in search you already know if you want something complicated or simpler, so you can start designing your cake.

As for the flavors, be sure to grab a cake with a number of different flavors that you can incorporate with fruit and all others, tasting each of these flavors beforehand to know if guests are running away from the cake or looking for tails.

Author: S.Š. Photo by Castka / Shutterstock