Choosing Wedding Shoes

You found your wedding dress and now you still have shoes, hairstyles and make up? Do you already know what kind of shoes you want or have no idea at all? The choice will depend on the design and color of the wedding dress. As white is no longer the only one and wedding dresses are sewn from materials in various colors, it is important to find the perfect shoes.

In addition to matching the color of the dress, the shoes should be comfortable. It is important that they are beautiful and that you look like a princess in them, but in these same shoes should be endured to the end, except for the bride who intends to change into something more comfortable.

If you do not want to worry about changing your clothes and choosing another pair of shoes, find the best footwear for the day to remember for the rest of your life.

Shoes are not only selected by color. You must also consider your foot shape when shopping. If you are lower build and have strong sheets, they are like created salons that will elongate your legs. If you choose shoes with straps, this will not be the best solution as this accessory will shorten your legs even more.

Unfortunately women who have wide feet have more problems until they find the perfect shoes. Experts recommend buying shoes one number larger to gain a sense of comfort.

For women with thin and long legs, straps sandals are a great solution, which will make their legs even more beautiful. The heel may be high, but only if you feel comfortable in such shoes and will be able to endure to the end.

Sandals, closed shoes ... You will make the decision based on the season you decided to have the wedding. If the date for the most important day of the year is scheduled in winter or late fall, you will certainly not be walking in open shoes.

Make sure that you are careful about all the details so that the day when you make a vow of eternal love will pass in the best memory and that you will be happy to look at pictures from the wedding where you shone in your shoes.

Author: S.Š., Photo: illuminatu / Shutterstock

A stylist's guide to finding the perfect shoes for any bride (August 2020)