Classic massage

Nowadays, there are various devices with which massage is applied, but nevertheless it is still considered to be the most effective method by hand. In addition to its therapeutic effect, it also plays a diagnostic role. Through the skin, the massage acts on the muscular, nervous and lymphatic systems.

There are several types of massage, the most famous is certainly the classic massage that laid the foundation for the others that followed.

Classical massage involves 6 basic moves, such as kneading, throbbing, sliding smoothing, friction, tape and vibration. It has been particularly effective in reducing pain, improving circulation, metabolism, detoxification, tissue softening and anti-stress effects.

Classical massage is the basic method of massage applied in the education of various massage techniques. It is she who brings the much needed sense of relaxation and relief, where she rejuvenates the body through positive effects.

From classic massage, three equally well-known massaging methods have emerged and are widely used today. These are sports, relaxation and medical massages. Each has its own way of working.

Every masseur must have experience, because the wrong choice of massaging technique can result in negative consequences and no results. Before starting the massaging process, the massager must determine the patient's condition and only then start treatment.

Properly chosen method will lead to better blood flow and relaxation of muscle groups, which favorably affects the functioning of other body systems. During a classic massage, the masseur can strike at certain points after which large muscle groups become resilient and durable again.

The massage can last from 30 to 70 minutes, depending on the area being treated. Often, other aids, such as essential oils, can be used in massage, which can increase the positive impression of the whole process.

It would be good to eat at least an hour and a half before treatment, and avoid eating heavy foods. During the procedure, the patient is only in their underwear, with part of the body being treated being detected.

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Classic Massage (May 2022)