Classical music for relaxation

Music is actually a certain frequency that we do not see and feel but hear. While listening to certain music brings peace and relief to our spiritual state, listening to another type of music causes us to experience adrenaline and excitement, while the third kind instills in us aggression and restlessness.

We are exposed to certain frequencies on a daily basis, while at certain frequencies we are exposed occasionally, either by desire or by accident. In ancient India, whether sorcerers who were village elders and in charge of the tribe, used various mantras to heal, influence the weather, revive the dead, or even influence living beings and objects. These mantras are special sound vibrations that, when uttered specifically and correctly, create a powerful impact on people and the environment.

Not only in ancient tribes but also in modern science, frequencies are known to affect living beings. Under classical music, plants would grow and bloom while under the influence of rock music, they would wither and dry.

The influence of music on human development and social life is generally a positive effect on the personal and social development of young people on socialization, self-confidence and a more optimistic attitude towards life. Also, playing an instrument has a positive impact on our brain functions, creativity development, mood, and emotional development. Research has shown that musical labels of dura and pier are associated with feelings of happiness and sadness.

Classical music has a positive effect on mood and health, has a positive effect on depression and eliminates anxiety. Listening to classical music improves the ability to focus on something and excites in us creativity and a better memory. Also, a positive effect on the immune system was observed.

However, it is not necessary that different people are affected by music differently, so that some people are disturbed and disturbed by classical music. While rock, pop and Heavy metal calm them down. Heavy metal and techno have been proven to have a negative effect on humans, raising levels of stress and aggression. Also, such music raises your heart rate and raises your blood pressure. With longer exposure to this music, it has been shown to have a negative effect on plant growth and development. But on the other hand, in certain people, such music works well to evoke negative emotions and frustration.

Classical music may be difficult to listen to at first, but there are various performers and compositions you can try and find something for yourself. This will help you relieve your mental tension and stress, and your health will be better.

Author: J.S., Photo: Dusan Jankovic / Shutterstock

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