Cocktail dresses, formal dresses for casual gatherings

Just like the name suggests, cocktail dresses are festive dresses designed for casual get-togethers, party dresses. Most often they are made from high-grade materials. These are mostly silk or satin dresses that can often be combined with translucent materials such as tulle or lace, which will give them added elegance.

The color range is really wide; from classic black and red to silver and purple tones. Short sleeves or straps of different sizes are almost a trademark of party dresses, but the sleeves can be quite long and even reach half a hand.

In order to choose the right dress for a party, it is important to match the desires with your body options. If you are not endowed with a large bust, choose a dress model that will be waisted. This will highlight the other attributes in a way; focus the observer's attention on the desired body part - waist.

If you want to enlarge your bust in a visual way, wear highly accentuated details, such as lace bows and beads. If you have slim legs, make the dress shorter. Be sure to avoid black, baggy models and oversized dresses to avoid the impression of a broom. Also, make sure that the dress you choose is not too narrow to emphasize shoulders, pelvis and small breasts.

Women with an hourglass-shaped body should choose A-cut dresses squeezed at the waist and extended at the bottom. Because such proportions are considered ideal, a dress with a V neckline is allowed, as well as one with a neckline no deeper than three fingers. A good waist-to-hip ratio also makes it possible to wear tight dresses with slits.

If your upper body is stronger than your lower body, then dresses that combine a narrower upper and a wide, luxurious lower will suit you. If you want to hide your upper body longer than your lower body, choose a dress that falls freely and goes down to the ankles. And with colors it should be combined; choose a dress that will be darker in the upper part and brighter in the lower part. Short dresses with steering wheels from the waist to the knee are also a good choice.

If you have prominent hips and a narrow upper, opt for a dress with a narrow top and a flat bottom that extends at the hips. Such dresses will optically reduce the accentuated hips and highlight your femininity and sex appeal. If you can't afford the right cocktail dress, it can be quite well replaced by a plain, black Coco Chanel-inspired dress.

A classic dress will be enriched with various details - such as a handsome strap or strap around the waist. Cocktail dress is one of the more festive and elegant pieces of fashion that doesn't go through, so make sure it becomes an integral part of your wardrobe as well.

Author: I.H., Photo: Dmitriy Shironosov / Shutterstock

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