Coconut body water

If you've ever visited the tropics, then you know that coconut water is their trademark. It is isotonic and rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It is the purest water with ordinary water.

It is considered a mother nature drink and will help if you have kidney stones or cancer prevention and illness. It is a good cure for a hangover. The coconut water is mild in taste and low in calories. It speeds up metabolism and thus helps with weight loss. Promotes digestion and boosts immunity by protecting against inflammation. Restores the body's balance by bringing the ph value to its ideal state. It is similar to blood plasma because of its many nutrients and has also been used to treat patients by injecting it intravenously into the body.

Coconut water contains as much as four times more potassium than bananas and is essential for skin hydration. When the skin is moisturized from the inside, you will also have preventative and anti-wrinkle effects. It is also used in other leather roblems. By drinking this sweet liquid, the skin becomes soft, shiny and smooth. It is abundant in cytokinins and antioxidants that will prevent skin aging. Madonna consumes it daily and from her experience says that she is rejuvenated.

It does not contain much sugar so it is ideal as a refreshing drink after a workout. It will give you energy, many nutritional values, and at the same time you will be healthier. It does not contain any harmful chemicals, caffeine or extra sugars and preservatives that you can bring in, in addition to energy, unnecessary substances into the body. Anyone, even children, can drink it. It is often used in the preparation of various cocktails. A glass of this nourishing fluid a day will be enough and your skin will shine.

It is used most in America, and its health and beauty benefits have been revealed by many Hollywood stars. Demi Moore and Madonna are considered irreplaceable. Increasingly, this sweet liquid is also being used in Europe so you can find it in our health food stores as well.

It is important to distinguish between coconut milk and coconut water. Coconut water is a natural liquid that is found in the coconut nut while milk is obtained from the coconut fruit, that is, the processing from which the flour is obtained.

Author: M.L., Photo: Robert Wetzlmayr / Wikimedia

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