Coconut milk

Coconut, its meat and milk have a rich taste and aroma and are extremely nutritious. Eat it for breakfast with oatmeal or toss it into a healthy smoothie. Coconut protects and heals many diseases. Improves immunity and defense mechanisms. Buy coconut milk at health food stores or you can prepare it at home.

It contains many vitamins and minerals, most of them C and B3, and manganese, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. It has no cholesterol.

Coconut milk is not rich in calcium or protein. It is extremely calorie, one cup of milk contains as many as 450 calories and 50 grams of fat, so choose those low-calorie variants.

Although it contains a lot of saturated fatty acids, it deposits them in energy and not in fatty deposits, so it can also help maintain the ideal body weight. Half of the fatty acids are lauric acid, which is highly medicinal. It has antiviral, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties which means it boosts our immunity.

It is a great replacement for anyone who for some reason does not tolerate cow's milk. It is of non-animal origin and is ideal for vegans. If you are allergic to milk or lactose intolerant, choose this milk! Contains no soy, nuts, allergens or gluten.

Consuming coconut milk will reduce sore throat and stomach ulcers. It is often found in skin care products as it moisturizes the skin and relieves the symptoms of rashes, acne or lichen. It is also used in various baths as it nourishes the skin making it soft and can also be found in hair care products.

Do you know that with some effort you can also get delicious coconut milk at home?

Coconut milk is quite expensive and more difficult to find in health food stores. Unlike coconut flour. And for making milk, coconut flour is a key ingredient. Well, you can make it so easy.

Coconut milk is made by weighing a cup of flour and adding 2 and a half cups of hot water, but not boiling. Then put the mixture in a blender and mix well. Strain it through the gauze and add something that will sweeten it up a bit. If desired, you can add some honey, vanilla extract or barley malt.

It's good to know that coconut water and milk are not the same. Coconut water is obtained as soon as we distribute the nut and it is naturally in it until milk is obtained from its flour, ie the fruit. This marvelous nut heals the body and protects it from numerous diseases.

Author: M.L., Photo: Malibu Drink 4 / Shutterstock

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