Collagen for taut and youthful skin

Although collagen is most commonly referred to in the context of the skin, we hear that it is constantly being pulled through the media as an ingredient in wrinkle-removing preparations, it is actually the most abundant protein in the human body and makes up about 25% of the total amount of protein. There are over 20 types and some describe it as what holds the tissue together. It plays a role of binding in almost all tissues in the body, but today we will focus on its function of skin rejuvenator.

So it acts like a supporting structure that keeps the skin young and taut. As we age, the rate of collagen production decreases and it is necessary to make up for it to help the body maintain its taut appearance for as long as possible. Whether you admit it or not, youth is an aphrodisiac that is unrivaled and each of us wants to keep our skin in this condition for as long as possible.

We can also stimulate the production of collagen in the body in a natural way without the use of creams and preparations, taking care of what we bring into the body. The fact that we may overlook it sometimes is that everything we eat becomes a part of us and so the foods we consume can give a much needed boost to collagen production.

Use foods rich in Vitamin C. It is available in large quantities in citrus fruits, strawberries and surprisingly, parsley. Another vitamin that works wonders for the skin is Vitamin A. The best sources are fruits and vegetables of orange-yellow and green leaves.

Vitamin B is the one we will find in beer yeast. If you don't want to whet your excessive appetite, reach for whole grains. Vitamin E is known as a beauty vitamin and you will find it as a supplement to many skin care products. It is found in wheat germ oil, whole grains and soybeans.

Iron, zinc and sulfur are essential for the normal functioning of the body and will be found in brewer's yeast, wheat germs and cereals. And of course how could we forget about protein. Again, protein-rich foods are one of the best things you can do for your body. So have eggs, meat and fish on your table daily. Not only will the skin look younger and healthier, it will also help in losing weight quickly.

Author: L.K. Photo by Leonid and Anna Dedukh / Shutterstock

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