Conversation in marriage

You saw someone, you liked it, you went out, the chemistry worked and you were once at the altar as you say it fatefully - I take it! After that, you feel as if the whole world is in your palm, everything is going according to plan and as it should, this situation is not self-sustaining. You still need to know that there are some things that you should not say to your partner or marriage partner.

Some statements spouses often say to one another, unaware that they have adverse consequences for their marriage. Some things just need to be avoided to avoid unnecessary bickering.

One of the common statements to avoid is "you are the same as father / mother". Whatever relationship your partners have with your parents and how similar they may be, there is no need for such statements, as they are used in a negative context, not to praise your partner.

Instead of insulting your partner in such a way because something is wrong with his behavior, it is better to sit down with him and talk quietly about things that would make you say such a thing.

You need to avoid saying things like "we need to talk seriously, but when it's time". The ideal time for a difficult conversation does not exist, and delaying it can only be worse for a partner because they will break their heads and become nervous because they will not know what it is about. This is an unnecessary burden on your relationship.

Don't tell your partner "shut up!". Do not find yourself in situations where you will angrily tell your partner to stop talking. When it comes down to it, you prefer to bite your tongue. Love and communication are a recipe for a good marriage, and statements like this kill it.

Author: S. G., Photo: Wavebreakmedia ltd / Shutterstock

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