Coral jewelry

Do you own any pieces of coral jewelry? The coral is actually a living being. These are small organisms that live in warm seas and thrive at sea temperatures of 20 - 27 ° C. They secrete a creation that creates the coral shape we eventually see. The bottom of the coral, ie the part by which the colony attaches itself to a rock or other substrate, is exactly the part of which coral jewelry is made. Corals are very fragile and therefore this part is the richest in calcium.

If you own such jewelry, you are probably aware that not all corals are the same color. They can range from dark red, to light red, then pink and white. Corals need special conditions to thrive, and the clear sea is one of them. Red corals are the ones who created more pigment because they are closer to the surface of the water and the deeper we dive, the brighter their color, just as living beings at great depths have no need for color to live in eternal darkness.

We can be proud that, in addition to Japan, the Mediterranean is one of the places in the world that can grow quality coral jewelry, a wealth of oxygen, plenty of sunshine and clear water are all they need. Although red coral is the most desirable for jewelry making, it is increasingly difficult to find because of its over-harvest, and it boils down to coloring less valuable pink and white corals. If the process is well done, this semi-precious stone will be painted completely, to the core and not just superficially.

If you have a jewelry box or jewelry box, follow the advice of the jeweler. Just like jewelry made of genuine pearls, which is also of organic origin, coral jewelry should not be kept close to sharp pieces, such as rings or earrings. It is prone to damage and scratching. If you notice any dirt on it, do not clean it with abrasive or intensive means. A little warm water and a soft cloth will be enough.

So this year is ideal for investing in such a timeless piece of jewelry. Runways are screaming about going back to natural, hairstyles, makeup and outfits love natural materials and a touch of roots. Keep what the sea has bestowed on you and highlight your beauty with these natural gifts that will last forever and will not soon be replaced by the new color of the season or the new must-have pattern. When nature creates, it makes it last.

Author: L.K., Photo: Pat_Prins / Shutterstock

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