Dating online

You have been alone for a long time and you would love to meet someone, hang out, fall in love, but never meet someone new. You are always moving in the same places, and it seems that you cannot meet anyone anywhere.

Have you considered registering with any of the dating portals?

We are still skeptical about online dating, we think that only total lunatics or miserables hiding behind the screen of their computer log in. But statistics refute it. There are more and more such websites, more and more people are registering there for totally normal reasons like yours - they just want to meet someone.

The pace of life is accelerated, if you are employed, have various responsibilities, you simply do not get to make some new acquaintances, and when you think of that segment of your life, you think that there is no one for you and that you cannot and have no where or when to meet.

So don't be old-fashioned and prejudiced. Register on one of the portals, there are normal ones where people do not look for sex (and if you run into one of these, it will be revealed after two sentences), and be what it is, do not tell yourself lies, do not put pictures of another person, because ultimately, this is how you work against yourself.

Do not expect a miracle, do not expect to fall in love the same day, to have a bunch of courtiers ... But you have opened up another option where you can meet people.

Still, don't forget the rules. Do not immediately give your personal information some of your personal information, such as the address where you live or your workplace address, and you would not give it at the first sighting with someone. If you are intrigued by communication, there will be times when you will get to some specific issues, and with luck, there will be an introduction.

If you don't find anyone to connect with, that is, your soulmate, who knows, maybe you meet a new person, make a new friendship, and maybe someone from that person's company is the right one for you.

Author: Tajana, Photo: Yuri Arcurs / Shutterstock

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