Dobrinj, a place of autochthonous stone houses

In the northeastern part of the island of Krk is a settlement and municipality known as Dobrinj, which is located at an elevation of about 200 meters above the bay Soline. The Dobrinj municipality covers much of the eastern coast of the island of Krk, facing Crikvenica and Vinodol on the mainland, with which it has always been closely connected. The coast is primarily indented, where in addition to reefs and cliffs there is a small island known as Veli Skoljić. On the coast, the shallow bay of Soline stands out, first of all, with low shores, with three settlements such as Klimno, Soline and Cizici.

Other smaller bays are Stipanja, to which the largest municipal settlement Silo belongs, followed by Petrina, Veterna, Murvenica, Jazbina, Lončarica and Slivanjska. As for history, the name Dobrinj is first mentioned in the Gift Certificate of the famous Dragoslav written in Croatian and Glagolitic on January 1, 1,100. years.

There, Dobrinj and neighboring Vrbnik are referred to as church and municipal units with a judge, a municipal clerk and a secretary. Namely, this grant is an important witness of the cultural, communal and educational development of the then population of Dobrinj and the island of Krk.

For centuries, Dobrinj area was primarily an agricultural area, where animal husbandry, olive growing and the exploitation of forest resources were also represented. The place is also known for its colorful folk costume, folklore events.

You also soup up the traditional local cuisine at school. In the central part of the island are dominated by autochthonous stone houses and narrow stone streets that most of all date back to past times.

Dobrinj is also known for the Biserujka Cave, which delights with its beauty and of course the interestingness of its precipitated forms. Namely, it is the only cave on the island of the total of 50, and which is the only cave for visitors.

According to legend, Biserujka was named after a treasure found in it that belonged to local pirates. So all of you who want a little adventure and who have a historical spirit, we suggest visiting this cave. If you find yourself in Dobrinj, we also recommend a visit to the Infeld gallery.

Author: S.Š. Photo credit: Roberta F./Wikimedia

Dobrinj, Island of Krk (December 2021)