Face scrub gives life to damaged skin

Facial exfoliation or dead skin cleansing is a process that you can do either at home or at a specialist beauty salon. Exfoliation can reduce that glow of the skin, remove tiny scars from squeezing pimples or other irregularities on the face, but for such procedures, leave it to expert hands trained for such cosmetic treatments.

Exfoliation can improve the appearance of your face, reduce wrinkles and give new life to damaged skin.

Commercial facial scrubs can be purchased at any pharmacy or similar store. Such products eliminate dead skin cells, revealing new layers of skin that look fresher. These are mostly creams that you apply on your face, let it simmer for 10 minutes, and rinse. You only have to watch out for allergic reactions that are possible, so before you start cleaning your face, test a small portion of your skin before proceeding.

For a deeper, stronger cleaning, a dermatologist may recommend a professional cleaning performed by a plastic surgeon. This procedure can be done with stronger creams or a laser. Generally speaking, professional peels will remove multiple layers of skin, eliminating or at least reducing the radiant, glowing appearance of the skin. These procedures are very successful and show excellent results especially with scars on the face.

If you decide to do your own face scrub at home, you need to be aware of some of the dangers that lurk. Specifically, some of the creams or chemicals can cause bleached skin, there is a slight risk of infection and even scarring. Your skin may be red and swollen, and I feel swollen. These are the side effects that will disappear after a few days.

You can also do face scrubs with liquid face wash soaps. They usually contain tiny pellets that take out extinct cells and clean your face. Such preparations are used at home two to three times a week.

With regular monthly facial cleansing by a beautician, make sure that you do not have glossy skin problems, and your face simply glows. Younger looking, healthy skin definitely has an advantage over dull and lifeless skin because you will improve the skin tone and texture.

Author: I.H., Poznyakov / Shutterstock

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