For everyone who loves to travel

For all those who like to travel and read interesting travel stories, a new interesting web destination has appeared -

WorldTraveler is a travel portal where you can find travel books and travel stories, information on destinations you want to travel to, travel events announcements, and you can be active on it by creating your own travel profile or writing a travel guide.

The aim of this portal is to promote travel satisfaction. WorldTraveler offers visitors specific information about the travel experience, travelogues of people who have visited a destination and who, in their texts, offer advice on what to visit, what it pays to look at, where to go and eat and drink something.

The texts are casually written to show how nice it is to travel, to enjoy discovering the charms of a visited city or state. The portal deals with both domestic and foreign destinations. So on the portal you can read recently published texts about a short vacation in Ireland, a story about a trip to Istanbul by train, a day trip to Lastovo and Split, stories from a trip to Portugal or Easter Island, where are the best kebabs in Bosnia and how to bargain in Tunisia. Of course, there are many other interesting topics.

If you want to find out when you can buy a cheap airline ticket, visit the cheap flights page, where you can find out details of the duration of special sales and for what dates you can find a cheap airline ticket. is not a readable address, but it is possible to open your own profile on the portal, enter your travel affinities and specify where you have traveled and where you are planning to travel. You can search the database of other members, find members who have traveled to your destination and connect with them. So first-hand, you can find out useful information from people who have already traveled there, or what to look for before you go.

The portal should soon expand the content of travel offers from several Croatian travel agencies.

If you like to travel, think that you have an interesting travel story, a recommendation of an upcoming event on the Adriatic or in continental Croatia, or just want to comment on someone's travel experience, visit World