Fur boots

The warm summer days are long gone from us. Even the autumn rains left us. In the morning, when you pray your head out the window and draw in the crisp air deep into your lungs, feel it. Feel the smell of the first snow on the pier. Something unusual happens every winter. Snowflakes flutter in the air and there is no one who does not remember where she was or what she was doing when it first snowed.

Although realistically the cap keeps the same is said about the bags, but it still seems to us that this may be the most true for shoes. Did it ever happen to you that you came home with wet feet and frostbite because you had poor shoes. Each season brings with it its requirements, so the autumn and winter shoes should be adapted to different weather conditions. Autumn shoes should definitely be waterproof, but still not too thick because it doesn't make sense to move around the city with sweat peas in your forehead. Rather, choose the thinner ones and put a cartridge in them.

But winter shoes are something else entirely. Not only do they have to have excellent moisture performance, they have to be made of thicker material and padded, because once the temperature drops below freezing and winter knocks on the door, there is no joke.

One of the most modern models of winter boots are the ones that resemble the aestheticized versions of the first shoes. They were just pieces of animal skin with ribbons or rope wrapped around their feet to protect them from the harsh weather.

But today, they are not only patrons but a fashion imperative. Every woman who keeps to herself must own at least one boot with hints of fur. Fur is usually applied to those with a slightly elevated heel. The leg is elongated and at the same time due to its rich texture, the fur looks thinner.

Do you still want fur boots that you can wear and when you go for more than a few snowflakes, choose the flat ones. The most popular models are those that have a combination of fur and leather straps. Interesting, they are dynamic, comfortable and warm.

Genuine fur boots might make your wallet a lot easier, but luckily they can also be purchased with fur imitation or eco fur, so no animal will have to lay down its life for your comfortable winter stride.

When choosing colors, avoid the bright ones because you might look as cheap as shaking your butt in a rap video. Choose gray, black, brown or beige with slightly different fur colors. We also welcome the combination of fur and snake skin. It will look great with tight pants or short skirts and grilles.

But remember, as much as you like those on the heel, we don't want you to slip on the frozen sidewalk. Flat soles or heels of a few inches will be a much better choice than dizzying towers. We wish you enjoy the winter joys and a happy wait for the first snow. Where will you be?

Author: L.K. Photo by Lana K / Shutterstock