General helpful tips for making a wedding hairstyle

Choose a hairstyle to match your wedding dress; the raised hairstyle is very striking in combination with the dress with a large neckline on the back, while the romantic curls pair perfectly with the fluttering and rich dresses.

If you do not have a hairstylist for your big day, then look for someone who specializes in classic hairstyles. Consult friends and brides from your area. Choose the hairdresser that will give you the most money. Ask if his / her price also includes an additional pre-wedding rehearsal.

Do not cut, dye, work permanent or straighten your hair, especially not in the last six months before the wedding. Start with treatments six months before your wedding to have shiny and healthy hair.

If you want to wear a lifted hairstyle and have short hair then start letting go as soon as possible. Hair usually grows from about 1 to 1.5 cm per month.

Look for hair jewelry outside wedding dresses as well. Visit fabric and jewelry stores, search the internet for something radiant that you can put in your hair, which shows your personality and does not touch your pocket.

Save money by going to your hairdresser on your wedding day, not by him / her coming to you. Some of them might even charge you for your entire work day, even if they spend just a few hours on your hairstyle. If you pay by the hour then, to save money, keep your hair simple. For example, braids can be made quickly and easily.

Make like celebrities, use hair extensions or extensions or hidden hair pieces to increase the volume, length, or firmness of your hair on your wedding day.

Short curls work but avoid bangs, instead let your hair drop steadily down your face. If you have thick hair, leave longer tips and add the necessary weight. It is best to shorten thinner hair to achieve greater volume.

Avoid creating curls like in Shirley Temple so that you do not wrap your hair around the pencil. Put uncontrollable curls under control with 'TRESemmé Smooth De-Frizzing Moisture Gel Extra Hold'.

Lighten your (light) hair at least two weeks before your wedding. The color looks better after the first few weeks, and if you don't like it you still have plenty of time to fix it.

Restrain "dull" hair that flies all the way by drying a hairdryer with a 2-3 cm round brush to dry the edge of the hair. Then apply a strong spray to the hair spray.

If you intend to wear a raised hairstyle at your wedding, do not just lighten your hair partially (ie color it only on the tips). It is tasteless to have hair dyed in two shades.

Don't choose an exaggerated, fabulous hairstyle if you usually wear a straight and simple hairstyle. You would feel uncomfortable and it would not be like your style.

Come to the hair salon in a button-down blouse so that when you dress in a wedding dress, you will not ruin your hairstyle.

Can't decide between two hairstyles? Select both. Choose one style that you will have at the ceremony (maybe some formal lifted haircut), and then you can have another, more relaxed (maybe loose, falling curls) reception.

Also try Japanese Hair Straightening Treatment for smooth and straight curls. This relaxation technique is suitable for all hair types, and uses glycolic acid ingredients and small heaters to achieve silky straight curls.

On your wedding day, do not wash your hair before heading to the hair salon. Freshly washed hair can be slippery and difficult to handle. And if you need to wash your hair do not use balm.

Schedule a visit to the hairdresser hours before the ceremony. You certainly don't want to rush.

Photo by Aleksandra Zaitseva / Shutterstock

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