Greater volume of straight hair

We would all love to have our hair full without any special treatments and requirements. This is how hair looks almost every time we come from a hairstylist, but with some tricks it can be done at home. It is enough to have just a little effort and skillful hands that will make the hairstyle more beautiful.

For better hair volume, wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner that has the properties of creating more volume. Also, these can be nettle shampoos that are great for both hair strengthening and anti-grease.

Hair with a large hairdryer brush. A sign that the hair is properly thinned will be its endless smoothness and shine. Then take a comb to tap the hair and separate the part of the hair you want to soak. This should be a big area for the scalp, because it is this part of the hair that is the biggest problem for women in terms of volume.

See in the video how to increase your hair volume naturally.

Take one part of the strand and wrap it in a snail, then move the other part of the hair over the snail and skillfully blend it. In order for the snail or small pincher to be as firm as possible, it must be fastened with hairpins.

This is another way to increase the volume of hair on the scalp.

Remember that taping should not be excessive as hair may look messy and dry. For even better volume effects, use preparations that will simply lift your hair. These can be foams or hairspray.

For extra shine, use a nourishing oil like avocado serum or argan oil. Hairstyles like this are great for proms, wedding ceremonies, date nights or business dinners. Also, they turned out to be great everyday hairstyles when you want to highlight the beauty of your hair.

You can increase your hair volume yourself without much science and wasted time. Likewise, you do not have to give large sums when visiting a hairdresser, but you can be your own hairstylist.

Be sure to be showered with many compliments, and many women will want to have hair like you with the hope of revealing the secret of beautiful hair.

Author: A.B., Photo: Maxim Toome / Shutterstock

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