Hair removal on the face

All women would like to have a beautiful silk face, but often many small hairs spoil the impression we want. All of this can put us off guard. But luckily, the hairs can be removed, so no need to fret.

Dark-haired girls have much more hair than girls with blonde or red hair. Some women, regardless of their hair color or complexion, suffer from increased facial hair and other areas of the body. If you are experiencing excessive hairiness, see a doctor to see if it is possibly of organic origin. But if you are normally hairy, there is no need to worry because you can easily get rid of them.

If you improperly remove facial hair, it will not weaken but strengthen it. Shaving them will encourage their growth and be firmer than before. After that, they will see much more than they saw before. Removal of hair with wax is also not the happiest solution as hairs are removed with its roots where more blood flow occurs and this will then accelerate hair growth.

The best and easiest way to remove unnecessary hair in the eyebrow area is by tweezing. If this is very painful for you, cool down the area where you will be pulling with ice cubes wrapped in flannel cloth. The mistake of picking an eyebrow that can happen is that you brush too much hair. Do not play around and change the shape of your eyebrows, just shape them beautifully by removing excess hair. No eyebrow shape will fit your face as well as your natural shape.

Many women torture their hair over their lips so you can use a bleach method where you don't remove the hair but just make them invisible. This procedure is good for women with fair hair or brunettes who have weak hair. The bleached hairs will look like a light shade. The bleach should be carefully applied to the hairs and held for ten minutes and afterwards the hairs will become completely light.

Electrolysis is the best hair removal procedure where a thin electrode is placed under the skin and comes to the root of each hair. It takes several treatments to remove all the hairs, but after that it will no longer grow.

Author: S. G., Photo: Alexander Lukatskiy / Shutterstock

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