Hair strands, refreshment for your hair

You are bored with the hair color you have had so far and do not want to dye it all over, there is a simple solution; put on strands. Until recently, when women decided to start a new life, they included a new hair color in their new decisions. It can be said that in some ways it has become a symbol of a new beginning. Thank goodness there are really many options today for how to do this. As fashion has gone forward, so have hairstyles. In a way, we got away from the boring and the usual. Let's say that today's society has allowed us to.

What exactly are strands?

Very simple to explain - if you want a change and you don't want your entire hair to be in one color, you can freely put on your hair color that you want, so that this new color is streaked all over your hair.

The strands are perfect for those who want a change, and the colors get too much attention, so this way they can bring in freshness, but without some drastic changes. So if you are more of a classic type, for example if you have brown hair, a good brown-blue, or brown-honey combination, or even better brown-red combination will always go.

If you are a slightly more crazy type of person then your options are limitless, you can combine the colors that come to mind.

When you used to go to the hairdresser for strands, there was an uncomfortable hat in the game that, for those who tried, knew who the hell I was. Today it is much more civilized, with the thought of the foil that expert hairdressers put on our heads. Who would say alu foil for strands. The idea is great, not choppy, it captures the color well, not to mention the color goes fine from root to end.

If you were wondering what the main advantage of strands over painting your entire head is that you don't have to go every month because when it grows out it doesn't see as much as when you paint everything in one color.

With strands, the hair looks more natural, and it is definitely healthier for our hair if we treated it every three months instead of every month.

Author: S.Š. Photo: dinkate / Shutterstock