Hair tinting

Hair tinting is an ideal solution for anyone who wants a change in hair color but is not sure if they are ready to dye. Just tinting implies a change in color that can be in a much milder shape as strands and as a good preparation for anyone who may want to dye their entire hair afterwards. The strands are a great solution because they are easy to maintain and do not require frequent hairstyling.

Tinting refers to the extraction of strands in several shades. In the opinion of top hairdressers, the most ideal hairstyles for this procedure are bob hairstyles, but it can also be done with other forms of hairstyles, with each hairstyle requiring a special procedure.

There are several ways in which tinting can be done, and the technique known as "the Sun" is recommended for anyone who wants to have a more natural appearance, that is, allergen and ammonia-free hair changes. First of all, these are strands where the effect of warm sunshine and glow is sought.

Recently, tinting has been done with the help of foil and comb, which is practiced by more and more hair salons precisely for the reason that natural transitions from one color to another are achieved. Once the cap was the main tool, today it is less and less in use.

Color shampoo is another way you can achieve a tinting effect. With the help of colored shampoo, the hair gets tinted and the color is washed out after 2 washes, after which it is possible to switch to another desired shampoo.

Color shampoo is the best solution for those who do not want a long-term change but only a temporary solution until they have a better vision of how their hair looks now. It all depends on the person who thinks what is best for their hair.

It should be noted that tinting is a gentle process that gives the hair a shine and a beautiful appearance without penetrating the outer layer of hair but enriching every hair with the necessary pigment. It's perfect for blondes who want to lighten their hair a little more.

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