Haircut For A Hearty Face

Everything around us is based on geometry and balance. When something is beautiful, we characterize it as something because it evokes a sense of harmony. Aesthetics, that is, the way we present ourselves to the world, is precisely one of the places where the need for balance is most pronounced.

Each of us is different and each has its own advantages, which it wants to highlight and small disadvantages that can very easily be covered with a little knowledge and wise choices. Today we are talking about a cute face. This is the shape of the face on which the forehead is the widest and most prominent point, has high prominent cheekbones and ends with a small and pointed beard.

The goal you will strive to achieve by choosing a hairstyle will be to visually reduce your forehead and fill the gap that arises around your narrow beard. So the answer is imposed by itself. The most appropriate length of hair for a heart-shaped face is exactly that to the chin. Hair that is trimmed in many layers and playful strands and ends just below the chin or even goes slightly above your shoulders will be especially nice.

Bob hairstyles will be a great choice. If you've never had short hair like this before, cut it and cut it to the length of the jaw line. Even a strict bob or a slightly curly and playful one will suit you. All you have to remember is by no means choosing straight cut bangs that will only further emphasize the wide surface of the forehead.

When we have already touched on the topic of bangs, we recommend that you try to avoid them completely, but if you are extremely fond of them, always choose the ones that are cut into the hair and style them so that they stand on the side and enter the hair.

We also have to mention some things to avoid. We've already mentioned the straight bangs, but keep in mind that while a well-trimmed bob can change your life, a bad bob could cause you problems. Do not cut the bob at the cheekbone level, as it will further emphasize the pointed beard. If your hair is long, leave it split and try to avoid bangs.

Author: L.K., Photo: Subbotina Anna / Shutterstock

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