Hairstyles With Ribbon In Hair

Are you constantly bored with the same hairstyles and want to make a little change in your hair? Although you may think that a good hairstyle takes time, will and knowledge, this is not so. There are hairstyles that can be done in no time, as you rush to work or get ready to go. Likewise, these are simple hairstyles that will not be difficult for you to make.

You will only need one hair band and some willpower. Probably each of you has a hair band at home that he uses in more relaxed moments or you may have forgotten about it and think that it is impossible to do a beautiful and seductive hairstyle with this fashion accessory. See to the contrary! Even if the strap is in your favorite print or color, the effect will be even better!

Follow the steps and decorate your hair with one of these beautiful hairstyles with ribbon.

1. Comb your hair and lift it slightly from your head. Put a strap around your head, over your ears and make a nice bow on the side. This is a very simple and fast hairstyle that is suitable for both longer and shorter hair. It will also suit you if you have bangs, as well as those who do not have them. The haircut is over at that hour!

2. Wrap the strap around your head and tie it from below, at the very root of the neck. Allow a slightly longer section to hang. Then fold it all to one side and knit the braid. The combination of hair and ribbon in the braid will give this hairstyle a specialty. With this hairstyle you will achieve a fine refined look.

3. Comb your hair well and bind it in a high ponytail. Take the tape and wrap it around the hair band. Lastly, tie a beautiful bow. You can also leave the rest of the strap free to hang in a braid along with the hair from the tail.

4. This hairstyle is also done from a high tail. After you have done the high tail, weave the braid with the ribbon and hair from the tail as in the previous point. Then wrap the braid around the banded eraser and ribbon to get a nice bun. If the strap is long enough, you can tie it all together and, if not, secure the tuft with hair clips.

These are just some of the suggestions on how to make a beautiful and simple hairstyle in the blink of an eye. Whether it's a business meeting or going out.

Get creative and see in the video another suggestion for a semi-updo with a ribbon!

Author: M.L., Photo: Andrey Valerevich / Shutterstock Kiselev

Simple & Easy Hairstyles Incorporating Bows & Ribbon (November 2020)