Healthy baby food

We all know that proper nutrition has an impact on physical and mental fitness, making the body more resilient and immune to various ailments. Our menu must consist of a variety of foods such as fruits, vegetables, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Proper nutrition is especially important for children because they need it for normal development and growth.

A baby's diet should contain as many vitamins and proteins as possible. Vitamins are an indispensable part of any diet, especially baby foods, and most are found in fruits and vegetables.

Protein is also important. They are required for bone growth and development. Milk, dairy, meat, fish and eggs are some of the protein-rich foods. Vegetable proteins are not much different from those of animal origin, but they are not as healthy.

Therefore, it is not recommended to feed children only vegetarian food from childhood. Namely, it does not contain enough protein needed for their full development.

Children should drink at least two cups of milk a day. The same goes for a meal containing meat, fish or eggs. Consumption of these foods should not be exaggerated as they raise blood insulin levels. He may be guilty of diseases such as diabetes, heart problems or obesity.

With a faster, more dynamic and hectic lifestyle, fewer and fewer parents have time to prepare healthy and quality food for their children. Kids also prefer fast foods like fries, hamburgers or sweets, while avoiding vegetables.

Fast food artificial sweeteners, sugars, high amounts of spices and fats give a taste that is more appealing to children than fruits or vegetables. These meals are full of energy-boosting ingredients but do not provide the body with sufficient nutrients.

In addition to fast food, almost all baby foods on the market contain artificial sweeteners and fats. It contains "empty" calories that raise blood sugar levels and lack vitamins and minerals. It is recommended that you prepare baby food at home alone. Then you will be sure that your child eats healthy and quality, not artificial food.

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