His lips in the summer

In winter, lips are a little more susceptible to external negative factors that often leave behind dry, chapped lips. Summer does not write exactly the same story, but it is a very similar thing to external factors such as wind and high temperatures that often dry the skin.

Considering the harmful rays of the sun, we get really bad results. To help you have gentle, soft and beautiful lips that are ready for kisses in the summer, we bring you what methods to achieve.

For starters, it is essential that you do a natural lip scrub with honey and sugar. Mix simply honey and sugar and apply the resulting homogeneous mixture to your lips with clean fingers and gentle movements.

Sugar will make your lips remove dry and dead cells and use honey to give your lips all the vitamins and minerals they have lost.

Then olive oil treatment will make your lips softer and more seductive. Rub olive oil daily into the lip area to make them as soft as possible.

Likewise, vitamins from oils will make your skin healthy and your lips more resistant to harmful sun rays. If your lips bite, use used chamomile tea bags to calm the inflammation and give it a healthy look as soon as possible.

The ale vera juice, which has excelled in inflammatory processes, scars, dry and chapped skin and burned skin, will also help.

Do not forget about the nourishing balms that will make your lips soft and beautiful in appearance every day and every moment while outside, at work or in coffee.

However, remember that people of the opposite sex are always drawn to groomed lips, not cracked with sores. Nourish your lips as you nourish your hair and face, and your lips will repay in the best way possible.

Author: A.B., Photo: Antonio Guillem / Shutterstock

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