Household tips

Our grandparents often tell us that there is no point in spending too much on expensive cleaning products, so we've checked out some of the banal tricks. In addition, we tested some other unusual household tips.

1. If you have ugly sticky residue on painted surfaces or tiles, grease those surfaces with margarine and you can easily remove them.

2. If you have a burnt hole on the carpet, such as a cigarette butt, first cut off the burnt fibers with a razor, then use a rough brush to pull the fibers out of the carpet, apply glue around the holes and paste the cut fibers into the gap. Then put the paper towel in place, cover it with a heavy book, and let it stand for a while.

3. If you keep silver in the drawer at home, put a piece of chalk inside. It will bind moisture so that it cannot act on silver.

4. Upholstered furniture is much less sensitive if you brush it with vinegar (previously diluted) from time to time.

5. If you have salted the soup, add one peeled potato to the pot to absorb excess salt. Remove the varnish later and serve it with the soup.

6. If you have a problem cleaning your glasses glasses, apply only a few drops of vinegar or vodka to them and it is resolved.

7. The whey will last twice as long if you keep the unopened box upside down in the refrigerator.

8. Rice and pasta will be less sticky if some butter or oil is added to the boiled water.

9. It will be easier to clean sloping windows that are difficult to clean if you apply some detergent to the glass during rain.

10. While ironing, place aluminum foil on the ironing board to save electricity, as heat is reflected more strongly. The foil should be covered with a cloth and then ironed.

We have come to the conclusion that the tips are very reliable and we hope you can apply at least some of them.

Author: Sonja Bajic, Photo: auremar / Shutterstock