Hover chambers

We all want a healthy body to live a full life. It is not only a healthy diet, it is also necessary to relax our thoughts. The slogan - healthy spirit in a healthy body has recently started to grow with special interest. Everyone needs change, even those that speak through us. Experiencing something new is not only a matter of making a good choice for a spiritual workshop or traveling, and our spirit needs an adventure in itself.

Imagine lying so comfortable on the water, you just float. Floating is enabled by a saturated solution of Epsom salt, which causes the Dead Sea effect to hold us afloat. The air is warm and circulating slowly, the water is shallow (only 25 cm deep). Even if you don't know how to swim, hovering is as easy as bathing in a bathtub.

This cozy and intimate indoor swimming pool can only be learned with the push of a button. The door opens, you come in, you turn on the light, you lie down, you listen to music and you can so easily let go. Slowly the light goes out, but you can turn it on again if you want. Now you are lying in a "dream bed" that is not comparable to any water bed because it is so strangely fantastic and because it does not feel any backing. It takes you and in your mind you can travel wherever you want. You can't even imagine what might happen to you on that one-hour trip until you try it. Each time you experience a different experience no matter how many times you have been in the hover chamber.

What's going on in the hover chamber?

The essence of what happens in the chamber is a paradox:

  • with limiting the influence on the senses, sensory perception increases
  • with dimming we learn to see in a new, more sensitive way
  • with release and relaxation we gain more control over ourselves and of course the outside world
  • raising awareness of the smallest internal processes
  • a sudden lack of stimulation in most parts of the nervous system causes a spontaneous chain reaction - muscle tension, blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen consumption decrease significantly

Effects of floating in the chamber:

  • effectively reduces stress, fear, anxiety and depression
  • provides relaxing rest, improves sleep
  • it fills you with energy that refreshes, rejuvenates and restores vitality
  • relaxes muscle fatigue, promotes muscle growth and regeneration
  • reduces pain
  • contribute to improving health and well-being
  • regulates blood pressure
  • encourages creativity and creativity
  • increases concentration, memory and efficiency
  • facilitates meditation and visualization
  • it broadens awareness
  • increases motivation
  • hovering athletes achieve better results and recover faster after exertion or injury

Thoughts, feelings and experiences of the parties:

“I still rock… in joy, in perfect relationship with myself and the world. Thank you! I will definitely always be back. ”
"It was kind of in my mom's belly."
"The feeling of being born is an experience of 'hovering!' Crazy!"
"Hey! It's the cheapest way to travel. You can be in Australia and back in one hour, including a travel ticket and the best beachfront hotel accommodation. Really crazy! ”

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Chamber Island - Swagfuod (October 2020)