How eyewitnesses are taken away and added

EXTERNAL DEDUCTION: one or more eyelets are involved at the beginning of the needle.

TAKING OUT WITHIN KNITTING: a) knit 2 eyelets together on the right or wrong side; b) transfer one eye to another. If you want to take 2 or more eyeglasses at once, there are several ways to do this: a) knit eyeglasses together; double subtraction I: switch to the right needle with a non-knit eye, knit the next two together and transfer the knit with the obtained eye; double subtraction II: flip over the unframed eye, knit the next eye and flip over the unfixed eye; Transfer the resulting eyeball back to the left needle, and then roll the next eyelet with the left needle, then transfer it to the right needle and continue to knit.

DECORATIVE REFUSAL WITH RAGLAN: knit the first 2 and last 2 eyes constantly straight. Subtract the third and 4th points to the right, and 2 points before the last 2 - to the left.

EXTERNAL ADD: Pull 1 blade out of the first knitting needle on the left needle, insert it into the left blade and repeat.

ADDITION WITHIN KNITTING: Insert the needle into the eye just below the eye of the turn, then knit it, then knit the eye above, that is, the one that is on the eye. This addition is completely "invisible". Twist the eye by grasping the thread between the needles on two needles; knit 2 eyeglasses from one: knit the eyeball, leave it on the left needle, insert the needle from the front to the back, grasp the thread and pull it out. simply roll the wool: grasp the thread with the needle backwards if you want to get the right eye, or forward if you want the wrong one. In the next row you will knit the winding like a regular eye.

How Is Your Eyewitness Recall? (October 2020)