How harmful are the heels

Ah, those heels ... It's hard to imagine the existence without these accessories that make every woman have the stunning and enchanting look she has always strived for. The heels make the legs longer, slimmer, and with them each woman feels special. But what about the claim that heels are harmful and if true how harmful?

The debate on high heels or high heel shoes has been around for a long time, and many cannot yet agree on whether the heel of the heel is damaging to every woman's health. Recent research has shown that after just one hour of wear, the feet begin to ache.

About 20% of women experience this pain early, only ten minutes after they have put on their shoes. Many women were questioned and almost a third of them stated that their legs hurt so much after going out at night that they returned home barefoot. The pain was so unbearable that they no longer knew what to do.

This time, a number of orthopedists became involved in the discussion, confirming that the whole problem is exacerbated, which women often reach for smaller shoes, which can lead to serious nerve and bone damage.

There is now no doubt that many women are endangering their health because of fashion but also beautiful looks. Today it is important to know what famous fashion makers and world stars like actresses and singers think. If one of them appeared in public with heels, then women around the world would do so the other day.

Why are heels harmful? The problem is that high heels do the most damage to the back because women tend to lean back all the time as they walk, which can lead to serious spine problems. Heels do damage with their toes as they squeeze them, and the consequences after a while can be really ugly.

It is true that beauty must be endured, but to what extent. Find a golden center and choose shoes to 5 cm high. The aforementioned height is acceptable, and if the heel is thin and you look beautiful and seductive in them.

Author: S.Š., Photo: Andresr / Shutterstock

The Dangers of High Heels (October 2020)