How harmful is hair bleaching

Blond hair is something that many women dream of. The fact is that this is one of the more popular colors, which is not surprising given that it has always been claimed that blondes have more fun. Best of all, the path to achieving your desired color is no longer paved with the risks of losing your hair. There are numerous preparations today that can help you on your way to the perfect look.

Whether you want blonde hair or blonde hair, today's salons will offer you the best possible products that are the least damaging that can help you get the shade you want. If you did not know the products mentioned, they can lighten up to eight shades of hair.

All of these products should be divided depending on what hair color you have. So if it is a dark color that you want to lighten then you will opt for those preparations that lighten hair up to three shades without the possibility of a red shade.

If you decide to have a hair blanching, you need to know some useful information. One of them is the fact that at that moment the hair is exposed to a strong treatment, which is why it is looking for a slightly stronger balm, or perhaps a hair mask.

Although blaj is much less harmful to hair today, it is a kind of attack on the scalp itself, which is why it would be best to visit a hairdresser who will best know which preparations she can use on your hair, which will not hurt her so much.

All those who bleach their hair should definitely if they have not already used masks that are treated as professional products. These are the masks used by your hairdressers and which cannot be obtained everywhere. It would be best to ask a hairstylist.

Each time you wash your hair, after wetting it, take a small amount of mask and put it on the tips, but also near the scalp. Keep for about 10 minutes and then rinse. Be aware that with proper care, blouses should not do much damage to the hair, but there should be boundaries like everything else in life.

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Risks of Bleaching Hair : Hair Color & Styling Tips (October 2020)