How harmful is sugar in your diet

Sweet carbohydrate, refined white sugar is a common substance that has settled in every household. Few of us even think about how harmful he is and how dependent we are on him. Do we even know where it is and how much we bring it into the body daily?

As many as 90% of people are thought to be addicted to sugar in the same way as we can be addicted to alcohol, coffee or nicotine! By consuming sweet, our body is still looking for artificial balance in the body. So we spin in circles and constantly look for more. Naturally sweet foods that abound in many vitamins and minerals such as dried fruits and honey have darkened white sugar and caused the white monster in every family.

Sugar is a simple carbohydrate, ie pure sucrose. It is made from sugar cane or beets, but it is a substance that no longer has anything to do with these plants. White or refined sugar is an artificial chemical substance with no vitamins or minerals.

Refined sugar is very harmful to the body, and there is no nutritional value, so we do not bring anything useful into the body. It can be extremely dangerous to health, especially by prolonged and frequent consumption. It is associated with cancer and acidity of the body, caries, diabetes, acne, obesity, infarction, nervousness, etc. The main problem is that the intake of sugars in the body consumes the supplies of vitamins and minerals and the body is becoming weaker.

Today, there are many substitutes for white sugar that can even have a beneficial effect on health. One of the most common is certainly honey, which supplies the body with calcium and iron. A very good source of pure natural sugar is fruits that are full of fiber, vitamins, minerals and fructose. We can also satisfy the desire for sweet by consuming dried fruits and nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts or cashew nuts.

The extract of the Stevia plant is gaining in importance. It is even up to 300 times sweeter than sugar and does not affect blood sugar levels and is also suitable for diabetics. It can be used in powder, tablet or liquid form.

Coconut palm sugar can also be found in health food stores. It is obtained from coconut buds, it is dark in color and has a sweet caramel taste. It has a low glycemic index so it is widely used. You can add it to desserts or beverages.

By combining these alternative products, you can completely replace white refined sugar, which has a very detrimental effect on the body.

Author: M.L., Photo: phloen / Shutterstock

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