How many pregnant women are allowed to gain weight

Each pregnant woman is tormented by the weight and how much she will gain, how much weight it is normal to gain and how to prevent weight gain. As your baby grows, your body changes and you gain weight, which may make you feel a little insecure and dissatisfied. It is good to know how many pregnant women can gain weight.

When they first learn about pregnancy, women very often rush for food, thinking that this is a period where they can eat whatever they want and when they want, and that later they will think about how to lose all that weight. What really matters in pregnancy is a healthy and balanced diet, rich in fruits and vegetables.

Fast food and fatty foods are by no means recommended for pregnant women, because in addition to being healthy, it promotes weight gain. Take care of your body during pregnancy. Don't be fooled by how pregnant you are and everything is allowed. This is not so.

Gynecologists and experts do not recommend overweight and warn when a woman gains too much to slow down and watch her diet. A pregnant woman does not eat for two and should be forgotten. A pregnant woman eats normally and healthy. There is no better sight than a healthy pregnant woman who has a tummy and looks infectious.

As for the pounds, the baby drops about 3,200g, about 0.9kg on the uterus, and 0.5kg on the placenta. About 1 kg is the blood in your body and about 2 kg in fertile water. When it all comes together, you get a figure of about 7 kg.

A woman also receives fatty tissue during pregnancy to help breastfeed. The adipose tissue weighs approximately 2 kg. All those pounds are scary for a woman, and as her body changes, she feels weirder.

In those moments you have to love your body and accept that new life is growing in you and that the pounds will go away. Pregnancy is only 6 months, so you can endure it. Keep in mind that it is essential that your baby grows up and that your pregnancy goes well.

For the first six months, pregnant women should be consuming about 2000 calories a day, and after six months, about 200 calories more should be consumed daily. Eat as much fruits and vegetables as you can, protein, starch, consume dairy products.

If you have nausea and just can't eat don't worry about it because there are enough supplies in your body to allow your baby to grow. Just gaining weight depends on the construction of the woman.

If you were overweight before pregnancy, it is normal to gain up to 13 pounds, and if you were overweight then it is normally about 5-7 pounds, and if you are one of the slims then you can go over 15 pounds.

If you have really gained a lot of weight, except that you will feel bad, there is a possibility that your child's health may also be at risk. Weight can be the cause of high blood pressure, diabetes and other complications.

It is also not advisable to gain some weight, as your baby may have problems with breathing, organ development ... Women usually lose 6-10 kg at birth. You will lose all other weight gain in the coming months. The body returns to normal and so do the pounds.

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