How much a baby has to sleep

If the child does not rest and sleep enough, he or she is irritable, moody, incapable of work and learning, has no appetite, has difficulty understanding and is less likely to become ill. The younger the baby, the more sleep he needs.

That is why the toddler and the preschool child must sleep at night for 11-12 hours, and during the day 2-3 hours. The school-child's night rest should last for 10 hours, with rest after lunch at least 1 hour.

Right from birth, it is necessary to determine the exact time of sleep. If a child goes to sleep at the same time, they will not feel deprived of having to go to bed earlier than adults. Those who think that a baby can wake up late at night if he or she sleeps longer in the morning are not right, because a peaceful night's sleep cannot make up for longer sleep during the day.

The baby sleeps best in a clean, ventilated room, or with an open window in his bed, not with adults or siblings. For proper spine development, a flat mattress and a completely low pillow or, best of all, no pillow are recommended. The clothes in which the child sleeps should not be tightened or chewed anywhere, and all clothing worn during the day should be removed.

There should be silence in the room where the baby is sleeping and no light should be left. A child who becomes accustomed to sleeping in a dark room and who is not afraid of the dark will not be afraid to stay in the dark. It takes 15-30 minutes for the baby to fall asleep. It is not advisable for a younger child to be told exciting stories before bedtime or to read or study in bed if he or she is already an adult. Since dinner is recommended 1 hour before bedtime, it is best for the parent to talk to the child after dinner, to watch the cartoon, or to read or tell a cheerful story, because in that case the child will fall asleep more peacefully.

A younger child may be allowed to sleep with their doll or honey because they are more satisfied and secure when they have someone near them. Some kids "mess up" in bed. The hour is hot, the hour is cold, the hour they want water or something just to keep someone as long as possible until they fall asleep.

Is Your Baby Sleeping Too Much? (October 2020)